In supporting AVOCO, you’re joining hundreds of other growers who have partnered with the industry’s best, most experienced technical experts, exporters and fresh fruit marketers.

Our leadership and extensive commercial experience gives us the ability to plan and execute an export marketing strategy that delivers excellent returns to growers in years of light and heavy volume.

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We have trusted relationships with Australia’s most influential retailers and, in recent years, established a proven track record in Asia where our fruit is marketed under the AVANZA brand.

We have created a network of the best selection of customers across our export markets, all the while building on our strengths and experience with logistics and supply chain management.

With strong brands such as AVANZA working so well for us, we have struck a formula that we know works – both for our customers and our growers. Our financial returns are proof of that.

What’s more, our commitment to technical excellence means you will always be supported with best practice fruit quality advice and technical know-how to ensure your orchard thrives.


Please provide us with your contact details and we’ll be in touch to explain how you and your orchard can benefit from partnering with AVOCO, New Zealand’s most trusted avocado export company.

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    Download a Grower Information Kit and discover why supplying AVOCO is the right choice for you and your orchard.


    Some answers to commonly asked questions. If you need to know more please contact us.

    Who are you and why would we change to you?

    What happens to local market and process grade fruit?

    How can you deliver healthy returns each and every season?

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    Are packing costs deducted from my returns?

    Are there any other costs that I have to pay?

    Can I pick when I want to? I like to strip my crop in October. Can you do this for me?