New Zealand growers asked for consolidation as a way to better manage the supply of fruit to Australia and avoid flooding the market. Southern Produce and Primor Produce listened to growers and pooled their avocado export resources to form AVOCO in 2013, creating the largest grower-led movement to unite New Zealand’s avocado industry and further its international success.

Primor Produce has been successfully sourcing, marketing and distributing the very best produce for more than 30 years. Based in Auckland, it supplies the New Zealand domestic market with local and imported produce, as well as marketing and distributing New Zealand grown produce overseas.

Based in Te Puna, north of Tauranga, Southern Produce began trading in the 1990s, selling premium New Zealand produce both domestically and internationally.

Its “direct to retail” strategy has positioned the company as one of the leading suppliers of avocados, blueberries and kiwifruit in the Australasian region.

Founded in 1994, Team Avocado Trust is a grower entity aligned with Southern Produce. It’s growers supply fruit to nominated packhouses that process the fruit for export under the trust’s associated brands, including Team, Qavo and AVANZA.

The Trust’s supply base is spread across all the major avocado growing regions, including Bay of Plenty, South Auckland, Whangarei and the Far North.

The union created a commercial force that has the scale to manage harvest volumes and fruit flow better than anyone else.

In this collaborative environment, we can maximise returns for growers and make strategic, intelligent decisions about exports that ultimately makes our industry and its growers more profitable.

As 100% owners in the AVANZA brand, we are also committed to future-proofing our industry by developing exciting markets in Asia, including Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore and Thailand.

AVOCO structure

Growers are contracted with either Primor Produce or Team Avocado Trust to supply fruit to nominated packhouses that pack and ship the fruit for export under export vendor entities and their associated brands, including AVANZA.

Our business partnerships benefit growers through healthier Orchard Gate Returns and a secure and sustainable industry.


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Are there any other costs that I have to pay?

Can I pick when I want to? I like to strip my crop in October. Can you do this for me?


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