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Promotional campaign in China to target aspirational families
20 September 2018
A strategic promotional campaign targeting affluent and aspirational young families will be used to drive sales of AVANZA avocados in China this...
AVOCO expands its technical team
13 August 2018
AVOCO has expanded its technical team to provide more support for growers - a move that reaffirms its position as New Zealand’s leading avocado...
Record OGR for AVOCO growers
22 May 2018
A record Orchard Gate Return has reinforced AVOCO’s solid reputation as New Zealand’s avocado export leader. Last month AVOCO’s...
Interest grows in Australasian market - AVOCO urges caution
21 May 2018
Early moves by Mexico’s avocado producers to enter the Australasian market is a timely reminder about the benefits of supporting market...
Market investment pays off for AVANZA in Korea
22 March 2018
Consistent efforts by AVANZA to educate the Korean consumer on the health benefits of New Zealand avocados have been rewarded with a season of record...
AVOCO finalises plans for first shipment to China
13 March 2018
Exports of New Zealand avocados to China has been given the green light and now AVOCO is finalising plans for its first commercial shipment later...
Orchard 'best practice' in the spotlight
7 February 2018
Examining the orchard practices of Australia’s biggest avocado growers has highlighted the benefits of spraying copper to optimise fruit...
Experience aplenty with new appointment
19 January 2018
Steve Trickett has joined AVOCO’s senior management team to expand on market development in Asia and oversee grower communications at home. A...
Grower visit to Australia highlights AVOCO's influence
8 December 2017
Avocado industry confidence is on a high in Australia and a recent grower visit has highlighted the significant role that AVOCO plays in its...
Boaties reminded to have summer safety checklist ticked
10 November 2017
Bay of Plenty boaties are being reminded preparation is the key to a successful and safe run at sea this 2017-18 summer season. With temperatures...
Demand for fruit high despite light crop
5 October 2017
Interest in New Zealand avocados remains high in Asia despite the setback of a small national export crop. AVOCO, which exports to Asia under the...
New season, new opportunities
1 September 2017
AVOCO is embarking on a new avocado export season with a new packhouse partner and a fresh commitment to delivering growers solid Orchard Gate...
A case of evolution rather than revolution
3 August 2017
The emergence of AVOCO four years ago rejuvenated New Zealand’s avocado industry, secured its future and put more money in grower’s...
Video document's AVOCO's industry influence
14 July 2017
A new video on the AVOCO website is helping to tell the story of AVOCO’s amazing export success. Filmed by acclaimed New Zealand documentary...
Technical manager Colin Partridge celebrates 20-year milestone
2 June 2017
Colin Partridge describes himself as “a Kiwi who just talks funny”. The accent is from South Africa - a country that gave him a...
AVOCO helps skipper community contribution for new rescue vessel
1 May 2017
AVOCO’s chance to take a leading role in helping equip the Waihi Beach community with a state-of-the-art rescue vessel is being described as...
Award-winning growers take on new challenge
3 April 2017
Even when Maria Watchorn isn’t in her avocado orchard, she’s thinking about the health of her trees. Sitting down with her at her Prole...
Grower efforts on orchard to be rewarded
6 March 2017
The curtain has come down on another avocado export season with AVOCO and its growers playing a leading role in the supply of avocados to Australia...
AVOCO Rescue centre-stage in Old4New lifejacket swap
1 February 2017
Boaties and other water sports enthusiasts hitting the waves in Waihi Beach will be sporting new-look safety gear this summer after spending in...
Taking to the skies for a better view
12 January 2017
Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and it’s believed the use of robots, drones and automated systems are the future when it comes to...
Large fruit sizes benefiting growers
5 December 2016
Optimum growing conditions in the Bay of Plenty combined with excellent orchard management practices has created an ideal supply/demand scenario for...
Avocado crops thrive under different systems
23 November 2016
The phrase 'chalk and cheese' has been bandied about when referring to Katikati avocado orchardists Barry Mathis and Bruce Polley. It is true...
Record demand for New Zealand avocados in Korea as consumers make healthier food choices
3 November 2016
The death of Thailand’s long-serving monarch may be affecting the buying behaviours of Thai consumers but export group leader AVOCO says any...
AVOCO buoys Coastguard with partnership
AVOCO buoys Coastguard with partnership
28 October 2016
AVOCO is taking its longstanding community commitments on to the water by becoming a proud new partner of the Waihi Beach Volunteer Coastguard...
Export season picked to smash previous records'
2 September 2016
A mild wet winter, coupled with optimum growing conditions, has set up an avocado export season that's expected to smash previous records and...
Bay of Plenty couples reign supreme at annual AVOCO awards
1 August 2016
Two avocado growing couples in the heart of the Western Bay of Plenty have claimed AVOCO’s top grower awards. Brian and Jan Robinson from...
AVOCO support sees growers reap high value returns
28 June 2016
Avocado growers supporting AVOCO are benefiting from high value returns and the security of belonging to a grower-led, market-focused supply...
Learn and share at the AVOCO conference - June 25
4 May 2016
The AVOCO conference on June 25 at Waipuna Hotel and Conference Centre in Auckland is an opportunity for growers to gather under one roof and learn...
Healthy returns in a low crop year for AVOCO growers
21 April 2016
Avocado growers supporting AVOCO, New Zealand’s largest export supply group, are expected to be rewarded with strong Orchard Gate Returns after...
Australia's love affair with avocados continues
22 March 2016
Australia’s love affair with avocados has continued for another year – much to the delight of New Zealand’s largest avocado supply...
Industry leader recognised
13 January 2016
John Schnackenberg has already been recognised for his enormous contribution to the New Zealand avocado industry but that’s not stopping him...
Growers realise value in supplying high paying Aussie market
22 December 2015
Avocado export supply group AVOCO is confident growers understand the value in continuing to supply offshort markets despite heavy demand for fruit...
Social media plays important role in marketing strategy
2 December 2015
The consumer obsession with posting images of what’s on their plate to social media is driving a new marketing campaign in Asia for New...
Demand for rootstock signals industry confidence
10 November 2015
Some Bay of Plenty avocado orchards are having to wait up to two years to replace their trees with clonal rootstock as demand for new trees hits an...
Big decision but no regrets for busy couple
22 October 2015
Taking on a neglected avocado orchard would be a challenge for any grower. Combine that with devastating storm damage and the job gets even harder,...
Fluctuating volumes hinder market development
4 September 2015
Export leaders AVOCO are confident avocados will remain a top New Zealand export for many years to come but say fluctuating crop volumes place an...
The AVOCO advantage
15 July 2015
As a grower, what’s most important to you and your orchard business? For most of you, strong Orchard Gate Returns will rank highly. For...
AVOCO growers toast a successful season
18 June 2015
Confidence in the New Zealand avocado industry is on a high and growers supporting AVOCO, New Zealand’s largest exporter, are toasting a hugely...
Top grower backing AVOCO
11 June 2015
Award-winning Te Puke grower Robbie Moore is lending his support to a campaign aimed at increasing AVOCO’s slice of the export pie. New...
Critical mass key to season's success
4 June 2015
New Zealand’s largest avocado exporter, keen to build on the success it’s achieved in just two seasons, is encouraging more growers to...
AVOCO launches campaign to increase market share
4 May 2015
New Zealand’s largest avocado exporter, AVOCO, has launched a campaign to increase its market share following a season which has seen Orchard...
Help us spread the word
2 May 2015
Welcome to another news alert from AVOCO. By now, all growers will have received their end-of-season accounts and pool payments. We feel very happy...
AVOCO reports healthy OGR despite challenging market conditions
1 May 2015
Strong end of season demand for New Zealand avocados in Australia has assured AVOCO growers of Orchard Gate Returns in the mid-teens and the export...
Industry stalwart reports grower confidence has never been higher
1 May 2015
After more than 40 years of growing avocados, Te Puke’s Ron Bailey says grower confidence in the export industry’s future has never been...
Collaboration yields success
1 May 2015
After more than 20 years of growing avocados, Whangarei’s Rex Scharnweber says grower confidence in the export industry’s future has...
AVOCO hints at strong OGR after successful season
1 April 2015
New Zealand’s largest avocado exporter, AVOCO, is hinting at strong Orchard Gate Returns for growers this season on the back of surprisingly...
AVOCO on Rural Delivery
26 March 2015
This Saturday, the TV One programme, Rural Delivery, will share details of what’s involved in harvesting and exporting avocados. The programme...
Changing market conditions swing in NZ's favour
1 January 2015
Rapidly changing market conditions in Australia have swung in New Zealand’s favour and AVOCO is working hard to make the most of these new...
Confidence still high despite challenging conditions
1 December 2014
With the New Zealand avocado industry on track to report its biggest season on record, exporting giant AVOCO is confident it has the ability to...
Education and promotion combine to drive sales in Asia
1 November 2014
Education and promotion is the key to driving avocado sales in Asian markets this season for New Zealand’s biggest avocado exporter. AVOCO...
Asian markets tipped to drive consumption during record-breaking season
1 October 2014
Asian consumers seeking high quality, healthy food options will be targeted in new campaigns designed to drive consumption and shift fruit during...
Record avocado season prompts unprecedented challenges and innovation
16 August 2014
The New Zealand avocado export season has kicked off with a record-breaking crop that's catalysed a raft of firsts for the industry. This is...
Two Te Puke growers scoop AVOCO's top prizes
14 July 2014
Two neighbouring Te Puke avocado orchardists scooped the top prizes at a recent growers’ conference where it was revealed collaboration and...
Inaugural AVOCO conference to toast successful first season
3 July 2014
More than 160 avocado growers will be toasting a successful first season under AVOCO at the company’s inaugural conference on Saturday. The...
AVOCO expecting to be tested
20 May 2014
Asian markets are expected to be critical to the success of New Zealand’s avocado exports next season, with predictions a bumper crop both here...
Growing international markets critical to AVOCO's success
1 May 2014
New Zealand’s largest supplier of avocados to the Australasian market will be tested this year, with predictions a bumper crop both here and...
AVOCO Alert- Landmark victory for avocado industry
4 April 2014
Far North avocado grower reaps rewards
10 March 2014
A Far North avocado grower is reaping the rewards of a bumper season on his orchard, which continues his winning streak in the industry that's...
New Avocado Exporter Lifts Earnings Forecast
2 July 2013
Newly formed avocado exporter AVOCO has raised its forecast for this season's earnings in Australia and now expects to hit the $50 million mark...

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